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The Wonderful World of Wine

The wonderful world of wineThis book is the most basic book I have written, and the first to be translated into English. It is ideal for someone who knows very little about wines, is interested in learning a little more, but wants to do it in a simple, easy and friendly way; without going into much detail. On the contrary, they want to know the necessary generalities to enjoy wine in a relaxed and uncomplicated way.

The Wonderful World of Wine has a very logical approach, considering, that although it is true that the more we know about wine, the more it is enjoyed, it is also true that one does not have to be a scholar to fully enjoy it.

The KINDLE format costs only US $ 4.99

And the printed format is US $ 9.95

Soon we will be translating “Wine for beginners”, with which, if you want to deepen your understanding of the world of wine, you can expand your knowledge by entering in more detail into everything related to wine.

2 Respuestas a “The Wonderful World of Wine”

  1. Club Amantes del Vino Dice:

    Disculpa tu Francisco, es que publiqué mi libro en inglés y coloqué la noticia, para poder hacer referencia desde otros sitios

  2. Francisco Dice:

    Disculpen , desconozco la razón por la que me viene en esta ocasión la publicación en inglés . Podrían decirme cuál es la razón ? Muchas gracias

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